onal ingredient, it is impossible to make a cosmetic product. It is no


In a cosmetic product, aesthetic modif newsvilla.org iers are the most common type of raw material. These ingredients are compounds that will spread, dilute, and make them stable.

Moreover, these ingredients will help in enhancing the feel and look of the products. Examples of aesthetic mo v onnp.org difiers are fragrances, thickeners, solvents, plasticizers, antioxidants, fillers, pH adjusters, anti-irritants, delivery systems, and appearance modifiers.


As the name suggests, the functional ingredients have a direct impact on the body, the manufacturer desires. Without a functional ingredient, it is impossible to make a cosmetic product. It is not necessary to add several functional ingredients. You can make a cosmetic prod panifol.com uct using just one functional ingredient.

For instance, Vaseline has created a cosmetic product using just one functional ingredient, petrolatum.

The functional ingredients include conditioning agents, reactive ingredients, fragrances, drug actives, cleansers, colorants, and film formers.



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